“This is by far the most comprehensive attempt to create the truly unplugged house…
…systems for living wihch honor the Earth.”

— John Todd, President
Ocean Arks International

“This book fills a needed niche in self-sufficiency information. The book is a complete resource for the home biosphere. Rather than the home thought of as only a shelter, we need to begin to redefine the home as a potential ‘provider.’ The result will be our own increased well-being as well as the future well-being of planet Earth.”

— Shane Smith,
Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion

“Mel Moench’s encyclopedic tome on reforming the way we think about our homes impresses me with its originality and thoroughness. Planet Earth Home takes a look at every — and I mean EVERY — aspect of home-making, from antibiotics to air circulation. Clearly, Mel has been thinking about homes and accumulating every relevant fact, for a long time! And he’s not just an accumulator; he’s been building ideal homes… If you want to look in-depth at the forces that shape homes on our planet, check this book out.”

— Michael Potts

The New Independent Home: People and Houses that Harvest the Sun

“Mel, this is an awesome piece of work! Your concept boldly integrates innovative home design with all the other categories of the homestead process. Your encyclopedic technical knowledge makes this book a major contribution to the literature of self-sufficiency.”

— Carla Emery
Encyclopedia of Country Living

“Thanks for your help, and thank you for doing such brilliant research.”

— M.T.,

“I teach Architectural Design at the High School level and want to incorporate Alternative Energy and “green” design into my curriculum. Your book looks wonderful for information and new design ideas. Thanks.”

— P.G.,

“Our book has arrived and what a wonderful encyclopaedia it is. I have started to dive into it’s depths already. Congratulations to the author for the monumental effort he’s taken producing this treasure of work. I can see this book will form the basis for our plans to build a sustainable eco-home in the future. Thank you all.”

— M.T.,
S.C. in Gisborne, New Zealand