This single book is a compilation of the entire world’s knowledge and technology for new self-sufficient/self-sustaining home designs. It is organized as a comprehensive reference work covering virtually all related self-sufficient categories such as passive/active solar, photo-voltaic, wind power, greenhouse vegetable production, recycling, water conservation, graywater, wood heating, thermal mass, food preservation, energy-efficient HVAC systems, healthy diets, fish/animal production, natural lighting, and much more.  This massive book can save hundreds of dollars by combining many books/topics into one. It is invaluable as a source of information for designing/building your own home using energy-saving and/or self-reliance features.

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The book’s organization is centered around a plan for a moderate-cost home designed to produce all food and power for a family…..and can be located anywhere in the world! It encompasses a combination of a bioshelter and an earthship using mostly earth-friendly and/or green building materials. A mountain of technology is described and evaluated in order to choose the appropriate systems/products for the home.

Reduced house plans are included and are aimed at the lowest energy input to construct, operate, and maintain. Non-polluting and recycling technology has been evaluated and incorporated into the water and waste system design.

A goal of this complete self-sufficient home design was to maintain many of the comforts and conveniences of the lifestyle we enjoy today while providing the ability to be independent in food, water, and power.  The stated goal in 1975 was:  “to develop the technology to be able to mass-produce food- and energy-independent shelters for a family of 4 to be located anywhere on the planet and be ecologically balanced.  Since then, ‘high wind resistant’ has been added to the goal because of the increasing effect of global climate change.”

• No stream or waterfall needed
• No hilltop location necessary
• No sunbelt location required
• No extensive farming skills
• No major mechanical skills
• No huge costs
• Only limited lifestyle change

”I have tried to sort out the many choices and technologies available and have chosen those that can most easily be implemented into a complete home system that provides both ” food and power for a family–an approach that smoothly integrates all aspects of self-sufficient living.”

—Mel Moench

This is a complete reference book spanning and condensing over 40 years of research and tens of thousands of books, articles, technical documents, letters, videos, and phone calls. It covers all aspects of self-sufficiency and answers questions such as:

• Which power sources do I need?
• Which plants and animals are best and easiest?
• How is thermal mass used?
• Which building materials last the longest?
• What are the best plumbing and sewage methods?
• How do I preserve enough food?
• Which natural materials are used?
• Why passive ventilation?
• Where is recycling used?

The information and plan have been designed to simplify many complex technologies into an understandable and easy-to-read format. The table of contents is grouped by function, making information easy to find.

Whether you are looking for home design/construction alternatives, some measure of independence, increased security, alternative power options, or a healthier food source-this book gives you more self-sufficiency ideas than you could ever want.

NOTE:   This book is not a “fancy, glossy, color picture-loaded”, visually appealing book.  It is a massive encyclopedia of information that took decades to assemble.   There are some hand drawings, sketches, and copies that may appear to be non-professional, but the intent is “spot on!”

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