About the Author-Mel Moench  (see below for video link)

Perham, Minnesota (Farm)

EDUCATION:Coon Rapids Senior High School
Anoka-Ramsey State Junior College
Bachelors in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering,
University of Minnesota Institute of Technology
Graduate work, Masters in Business Administration
St. Cloud State University

LIFE’S WORK: Registered Manufacturing Engineer—State of Minnesota
Extensive hands-on experience with many materials
Past Member ASME
Past Member Consulting Engineers Council of MN
Extensive prototyping/product development work
Engineering/Design business owner with multiple high level/high tech projects
Co-patent, multiple provisional patents, multiple product design management from ground up

Over four decades of engineering experience– Industrial/Mechanical/Manufacturing/Project/Design

Research skills with important tools:

1. Telephone—ability to listen, understand, learn, adapt, and channel conversation to an end result quickly
2.  Thomas Registers catalogs
3.  McMaster-Carr (online and catalog)
4. Internet
5.  Curiosity


Here is a video of Mel Moench describing the 43-year project.  Click below.   (Note that he is holding an older version of Planet Earth Home.)

You may also go to to see video from YouTube.

Note: Mel currently lives in Buffalo, MN and continues research/development on the Earth Home project. He feels that because of global climate change, the need is ever increasing for technology to help humans adapt to our changing world. He has continuously worked on the Earth Home project for over 43 years, authored many books, developed many products, started businesses and websites, and worked on many other projects………Google “Mel Moench”